Knowledge automation for customer-facing teams.

Teams waste too much time trying to find the information they need to just do their jobs.

Seva gives customer-facing teams frictionless access to the wisdom they need, enabling them to achieve better business outcomes faster than they ever have before.  Our AI puts your team’s collective knowledge behind every sales, marketing, and customer support member, in real time.
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Sales Enablement Specialist, Crunchbase
Natalie Blardony
Sales Enablement Specialist
As a one-person Sales Enablement team at Crunchbase, I used to be inundated with Slack questions about where to find collateral, and what resources to use in the sales motion.

Since rolling out Seva, these questions have gone down by 90% -- freeing me up to focus on my core enablement work, while empowering our reps with the tools and processes they need to be more effective.
VP, U.S. Sales, Cluep
Sloan Sehr
VP U.S. Sales
Our sellers were wasting time every single day -- 5-10 hours per week -- asking each other for materials or creating their own content from scratch.

We implemented Seva to elevate the quality and consistency of the resources we use, and it has provided best practices for the team to follow. Most importantly, Seva has given each seller valuable time back to actually spend selling.
VP of Sales, Dynamic Yield
Chris Feroli
VP of Sales
Dynamic Yield has created a trove of content over the years, but we've had trouble actioning it effectively because it's been spread out across Google Drive, the site, and various other locations.

We needed to find a way to better leverage it all throughout the sales process, and since rolling out Seva, are now finding it much easier to access and utilize it to support deals in motion.
VP of Sales, Dynamic Yield
April Crawford
Talla has allowed our Member Service Advocates to obtain accurate answers and locate source documents quickly and easily.  It has also been instrumental in notifying our leadership team of knowledge and resource gaps.  Thanks to Talla, my Senior Advocates have more time to provide in-depth coaching to Advocates, where it is really needed, vs. spending hours answering the same questions and directing to existing resources.



Spend less time searching for information and more time moving work forward, faster.

For Sales Teams

Time wasted searching for and recreating information is time not spent engaging your prospects when you need to be.
With Seva, Sales teams improve the quality of their customers' journeys by improving responsiveness and freeing them up to focus on relationships, not mindless searching.

For Marketing Teams

Marketers are frustrated because 70% of an organization's precious marketing material goes unused because no one can find it.
With Seva, Marketers can precisely guide sales teams to the right information they need while getting data-driven insights into what sales teams and customers care about.

For Support & Success Teams

CS reps struggle with context switching across knowledge repositories, often relying on Slack as a way to find information.
With Talla by Seva, support reps feel knowledgeable and empowered, dramatically improving the speed and quality of support outcomes while moving metrics that matter.

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