3 Ways AI is Enabling the Future of Customer Success

AI, a key missing ingredient in maximizing CS

3 Ways AI is Enabling the Future of Customer Success

Though Customer Success teams don’t always take the spotlight, they are a pivotal piece of any SaaS company—and they’re only becoming more important. By keeping existing customers happy and delivering top-notch service at every touchpoint, Customer Success maximizes the value of existing customers, creating a stronger brand reputation and driving long-term revenue.

That’s why 72% of businesses report that improved customer success is their top priority. But with dozens of different platforms and solutions that tout their ability to increase the Customer Success team’s wins, it can be hard to know how to make a real impact.

But there’s one element to look for in any tool that can really move the needle: AI. While it’s unlikely that AI will ever replace customer success completely, there are a few key ways that AI will revolutionize the Customer Success industry as we know it.

Disseminating Knowledge Across the Organization

As organizations change, it can be nearly impossible to ensure that information is transferred along the way, especially if that knowledge is undocumented. When experienced employees leave an organization, they take this unwritten tribal knowledge with them.

Companies are already realizing the many problems this cycle creates, especially in an increasingly remote world. That’s why nearly half reported they plan to change their internal processes to become less dependent on employee institutional knowledge. Luckily, this is an area in which powerful AI solutions can eliminate inefficiencies and create streamlined solutions across Customer Success teams.

Creating a single source of truth allows all your employees to access the same information and share their knowledge across the company. Instead of pulling together information about clients from disparate sources, or missing key pieces of information that haven’t been correctly stored, AI can aggregate data from across touchpoints to ensure that Customer Success teams have all of the information they need to be effective.

AI tools like Seva use machine learning to uncover what information you need and deliver the right files at the right time. That way, you spend less time digging through archives and can always feel confident you have the most up-to-date document at your fingertips.

Eliminating Inefficient Searching Across Platforms

On average, companies use 37 software tools and platforms on a day-to-day basis. Between Slack messages, Zoom conversations, email threads, and pings in Asana or Wrike, employees of all levels are juggling a lot of incoming asks at any given time. But the biggest problem? None of these platforms communicate with one another, so all of the information, requests, and documents live in dozens of different places at any given time.

But instead of adding yet another platform to your tech stack, the right AI tool can integrate directly with your existing apps and systems to empower your Customer Success team with collective knowledge from across your entire org.

By creating a single source of truth, Customer Success teams can search for any file they need and find it no matter where it’s stored. Whether they need to reference a stat when they’re on a client call or want to showcase certain data to up the odds of renewal, using AI is a smart and strategic way to minimize the impact of rogue requests that come in daily and instead create a streamlined way to get every question answered quickly and efficiently.

Making Remote Team Onboarding as Smooth as Possible

Remote work isn’t going anywhere. 70% of employees around the world work remotely at least once per week, and remote work has been growing 115% over the last decade—even before the pandemic. Though the desire to work remotely only continues to grow, many companies haven’t set up their onboarding processes to keep up as the options for in-person training wane.

Though many view onboarding as the first few days on the job, it’s actually an extensive process that can take up to 12 months to do properly. Beyond just the basics of filling out HR paperwork, signing up for benefits, and doing meet-and-greets with their new teams, employees must learn all of the nuances of internal policy and process, like who to ask for certain approvals and where to find certain files and information. Instead of extending their ramp-up time, creating a powerful onboarding experience can increase the efficiency and productivity of new hires and empower them to be more effective at their jobs, almost right away.

Though AI is often viewed as a solution exclusively for Sales and Marketing teams, it’s also a powerful tool to help adjust for these tech shifts in Customer Success. By harnessing the collective power of the existing team, AI allows new team members to instantly tap into a database of info that empowers them with all of the background information they need to start being effective in their role on Day 1. It also eliminates the back and forth of having to ask peers, “Where can I find that file?” or “What’s the backstory on this account?” Instead, they can work more independently even when they’re new on the job. With the right tools in place, every new team member can feel confident that no critical information has gone undiscovered because they’re always referencing the most up-to-date files available.

By increasing knowledge share, eliminating inefficient interactions, and ensuring that all employees have the tools they need, AI is already revolutionizing customer success as we know it. If you’re ready to start empowering your customer-facing teams with machine learning, Seva is the solution you need.

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