The amazing partnership between Seva & ACG has improved content discovery across the Sales team significantly.

Christine Renschler
Team Lead, Product Marketing
"Since Seva, ACG has seen a 50% rise in the proportion of the sales team who say they can find needed assets quickly."

A Cloud Guru (ACG) is a global leader in cloud-based technology learning. The Austin-based company has experienced tremendous growth, acquiring lead competitor Linux Academy in 2020 and hiring extensively amid surging demand for continuous learning in the digital age. With so much change and expansion, it was challenging for ACG’s B2B sales team to track and manage go-to-market essentials. Busy reps lacked the time to search multiple applications -- including Google Drive, Confluence, the company website, and Slack -- to find needed collateral. Meanwhile, new additions to the rapidly scaling team didn’t even know where to begin.


Faced with these barriers to internal content discovery, ACG implemented Seva in early 2020. Sales, Marketing, and Sales Enablement teams alike immediately noticed improvement. During the past year, they have identified both qualitative and quantitative benefits from the product.

Increased Sales Efficiency

When on the phone with customers and prospects, ACG sales reps can’t toggle screens and spend hours sifting through various content repositories. But with Seva, there is no need to switch tasks -- Seva’s seamless browser and Slack plugins deliver answers in seconds. In fact, the proportion of the sales team who say they can easily find needed assets has risen by 50% since ACG’s Seva launch.

Faster Access To Product Information

For a fast-paced company in transformation, a knowledge discovery platform needs to be nimble to support product information that’s ever evolving. With Seva, ACG’s marketing team can modify Tags and send updates to users from within the platform -- keeping sellers and other employees aligned on what’s current. These features have proven invaluable during the company’s post-acquisition rebrand and a more recent overhaul of customer personas. Plus, there is no effort needed on the implementation side. “Seva requires the least configuration of any tool I’ve seen in this category,” says one ACG technical program manager.

Team Scaling Made Manageable

Scaling a team, especially when geographically distributed, can be awkward and cumbersome. ACG’s go-to-market team has quadrupled over the past 15 months, but onboarding has remained a breeze thanks to Seva. As Product Marketing Manager Christine Renschler says, each new user “gets Seva immediately” so everyone can access critical materials right away, cutting ramp time significantly.

Improved Business Insights

Partway into ACG’s Seva engagement, its Marketing team sought more quantifiable metrics around content usage to support its data-driven mission. Seva immediately responded, delivering enhancements to provide those insights quickly. As ACG has grown, its needs have continued to evolve; the Seva team has been proactive and responsive when it comes to developing new features to keep pace. According to Christine, that “amazing partnership” makes Seva a perfect fit for businesses on the move.