“With Seva, Cluep’s sales team is gaining three months of productivity per year.”

Sloan Sehr
VP U.S. Sales
Cluep's sales team gained
selling hours per week
increase in approved content usage

For the sales team at Cluep, an A.I.powered mobile ad platform, finding assets to use throughout their sales motion was a constant struggle. Company leadership had developed materials representing Cluep’s diverse client portfolio, but they were housed within a rigid Dropbox hierarchy not everyone understood. As Cluep’s VP of U.S. Sales, Sloan Sehr was frequently interrupted with repetitive questions from reps about document location. And worse, time-pressured sellers sometimes presented outdated or hastily created pitch decks to prospects.


Cluep sales leaders turned to Seva, hoping its knowledge management platform would enable team members to easily find and access critical content. It did - the product’s low-effort, rapid implementation and integration into existing applications facilitated widespread adoption. Cluep’s sales team loved how Seva let them locate needed materials quickly, allowing them to invest more time in cultivating relationships.

Operational Efficiency

Sloan estimates that eliminating the cumbersome search for assets saves his team 45 hours per week, for an annual gain of roughly 90 work days. Along with a robust system of Tags and Topics, Seva’s seamless browser plugin means users don’t need to context switch away from their present task to locate desired content. “Seva has given each seller valuable time back to actually spend selling,” says Sloan.

Workflow Visibility

With Seva’s reporting dashboard, Sloan and other sales leaders gain new insight into the content their team uses -- and which tasks consume their time. Bottlenecks and roadblocks in the sales and prospecting processes are easily identified via Seva usage tracking. Indeed, Sloan now refers to Seva as a “vital part” of Cluep’s business workflow.

Better-Quality Materials

No longer are sales reps duplicating effort or scrambling to whip up presentations that don’t match current standards. Instead, they leverage Cluep’s best and newest company collateral, easily obtained within a couple of clicks. According to Sloan, Seva has helped Cluep sellers understand the breadth of assets at their fingertips -- and established a “foundation of quality” across the team.

Synergy Between Geographically Distributed Teams

Particularly during the era of a global pandemic, coworkers need to be able to connect and collaborate across distance. For Cluep, Seva fosters cooperation among distributed teams, allowing employees in one market to utilize work product from around the globe. In fact, the increased visibility and enhanced classification of collateral facilitated cross-border collaboration with the company’s Canadian office, ultimately securing a landmark six-figure deal with a significant global account.