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Empower your remote workforce with a trusted source of truth.

With more and more organizations embracing remote work, it's imperative to ensure employees have easy, reliable access to the knowledge they need, when they need it and wherever they are.

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Seva is the knowledge hub your teams can rely on anywhere, anytime.

Keep Teams Aligned

Knowledge sharing is how teams collaborate, and they're most productive when they're "singing off the same sheet of music".

Keep Employees Informed

Communication is how work gets done, and messaging needs to find its audience at exactly the right time and the right place.

Keep Everyone Confident

When employees are empowered with the information they need, productivity, teamwork, and confidence go way up.


Seva is your team's collective knowledge in one place, when you need it and where you work.

Discover, share, and organize team knowledge through Seva's browser application, Chrome Extension, or even Slack.

Seva Chrome Extension

Access and share team knowledge from any app you use including email, CRM, and social channels.

Seva for Slack

Answer questions and share knowledge with your team in real-time without ever leaving Slack.

Seva for Web

Use our application to instantly search, share, and organize knowledge with topics and tags.

Content Analytics

Uncover actionable insights into what your team searches for, what they're finding, and what's being used.

Simple, fast onboarding

Unlike traditional wiki-like solutions, Seva delivers value to you and your team in a matter of minutes, not days. No more starting with blank pages, no more massive change management.  Let's solve your most pressing problems now and get you and your team back to work.Bring a Custom API
Do you have a custom datasource you want to add to your library? Let us help you bring that data into the platform.

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