Meet Seva

Learn how Talla, Seva's Conversational AI platform puts the information your teams need right at their fingertips.

Conversational AI

Speak to Seva Like a
Human Would

Seva's NLU brings to life sales and support conversations with unparalleled precision, continuously learning over time. Seva can also be taught to understand your organization's language - product names, marketing names, acronyms, nothing says 'human' like an assistant that understands your language.

Knowledge Resolver

Train Once, Service Everyone

Unsuccessful customer interactions are an invaluable trove of data. Seva uses this data to identify training opportunities in real-time, while giving you the tools to create and activate knowledge faster than ever. Deploy new knowledge across your team instantly, without a single line of code.

Knowledge Insights

Watch Seva Improve CX in Real-Time

Seva puts the knowledge your team needs right at their fingertips, continuously learning as you progress. Use Seva's comprehensive dashboards to diagnose problems and gain actionable insights into how the platform is impacting your critical team and customer KPIs.

Slack Knowledgebase

Instantly Capture Knowledge from Slack

Slack, an invaluable tool in our daily work stack - a great place to keep pace with work. But Slack is also where valuable knowledge goes into hiding. Seva gives you the ability to save knowledge from Slack, ensuring it's easily discoverable and reusable by your whole team.

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